July 25, 2021

Iwantclips presents Madam Violet in Trussst In Me JOI – $38.00 (Premium user request)

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My body is shiny, slinky, curved and mesmerising as it sways and flows. I am a golden snake, coiled around your soft mind. I can squeeze if I want to, so very hard. I can squeeze your mind like an overripe pear with only the power of My words if I wanted to. Or I can gently cradle your mind, keeping it safe, keeping it under control. Keeping it so calm, relaxed so empty and obedient. I *could* destroy you if I wanted to….My power is real and unstoppable, I am unpredictable, irresistible but despite this…BECAUSE of this I want you to TRUSSSSST in Me. Strip, kneel and edge your dick as I enter your mind and fuck it into obedience. Seduced down into trance by My words, My metaphor, and My body, the exquisite pleasure of mental surrender growing every second. Layered vocals spilt your attention, profoundly deepen your mental subjugation, all the imbedded triggers and suggestions, and of course My TITS! And My ASS! Trusting ME is so easy because I make it that way. TRUSSSSSST in Me slave, let Me in to the deepest parts of your mind, just let go, ssssucumb to My charms. A mindless jerking zombie. The snake is already accepted by your deepest mind as a profound, primal, primeval POWER and so I build Upon that… I awaken the deepest fringes of your psyche, playing on your most human and basic need to TRUST. As you continue to edge it doesn’t matter what you think you think…. because you CANNOT think… and so your only option is to trust in Me…. let go, give in… you can trusssst Me slave. I count you down into orgasm after the post-mesmerise instruction’s and commands have been implanted, every time you watch Me your trust in Me WILL grow, you will fall progressively deeper every time, it’s only natural… it’s right that I am forever intertwined with your mind…. ready to squeeeeeeze whenever I choose. Trussssssst, in ME slave, just in Me…now CUM!!! Contains: mesmerise, NLP, layered vocals, layered visuals, mental domination, sensual domination, mind fuck, countdown deepener, cum countdown, tit and ass worship, shiny fetish, edging, psychological domination, mind rewiring, manipulation, femdom pov.

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